Along with the spread of Russian businesses, the ascent of Chinese companies is the latest trend in the Cypriot marketplace.

GENERAL CHINESE – Teaching Chinese to non-native speakers can be a complicated task, because different students have different reasons for learning Chinese and therefore, different needs and requirements. The General Chinese course at Plato Educational Services aims to meet the needs of the general population.

The course begins with a study of pronunciation and ways to conduct the most basic conversations such as greetings, self-introduction, shopping, food ordering, etc. It moves on to cover understanding very short and simple texts and basic structures of Chinese characters.

At the end of the General Chinese course the student will be able to ask and answer questions and exchange ideas and information on familiar topics in predictable everyday situations. The course is offered on  a one – to-  one basis

BUSINESS CHINESE – Business Chinese courses are designed for those who intend to utilise the Chinese language in business settings. Highly relevant study materials and individualized instruction are critical for business people when they prepare for their business activities in China and that is exactly what Plato Educational Services have taken into consideration while preparing this course.

This business Chinese course  encompasses the study of topics such as basic business negotiations and sales promotions as well as learning to read short, simple reports or partnership proposals. It is offered on a group level, a one to one basis, as well as through in-company and in-house training.

CHINESE FOR THE WORKFORCE: – Plato Educational Services offers personally designed Mandarin courses for:




Hotel Staff



Each group takes into consideration the needs and trends of the industry and is built around that. The aim is to prepare these groups of adults to engage in fluent conversations and communicate coherently through the Chinese language both in oral and written form.

CHINESE FOR SPECIAL PURPOSES (ESP) – No matter what your reasons are for wanting to learn Chinese, whether for business, education or solely for personal reasons, contact Plato Educational Services and we will devise a course based on your needs.