Combine Holidays & English Learning

VACATION /HOLIDAY and English Learning While vacation for the majority of Europeans is a word that conjures up images of adventure, relaxation and leisure, for the growing majority of those seeking English Summer programmes and English language courses in Cyprus means a unique opportunity to get out and enjoy sports like water sports ,swimming,

English in Cyprus

English in Cyprus We at Plato Institute offer a first class English language Summer Course combined with rich activities and a   comfortable and safe accommodation centrally  located in Limassol Limassol, being the second largest city of the island and located between two ancient city-kingdoms, Amathus to the East and Kourion to the West, has


ENGLISH FOR JUNIORS We at Plato Institute ,providers of Junior programmes, are constantly innovating in order to offer young students the best experience when it comes to English Summer Programmes and activities. Agents from all over the world report that the demand for English Programmes for young learners is increasing : As Andrew Goulding

Summer Holidays in Limassol

“Summer holidays” SEA , SUN and FUN For Europeans ,the expression “Summer holidays” is synonymous with the beach and as the Summer holiday time begins they start getting ready to discover the pleasures of the seaside . Well, this Summer we suggest Limassol in Cyprus where one can enjoy learning English with leisure .

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