We at Plato Institute ,providers of Junior programmes, are constantly innovating in order to offer young students the best experience when it comes to English Summer Programmes and activities.
Agents from all over the world report that the demand for English Programmes for young learners is increasing : As Andrew Goulding from ILSC says: ”This growth appears to be fuelled by the competitive edge students gain by engaging in education travel at a younger age”
And goes on to say : “ Young learners travelling and studying through a junior programme develop familiarity with other cultures and a sense of independence in a supported and structured environment.
Having this experience at such a formative time in their lives is a formula for success moving forward”
Plato Institute, an accredited member of ELSAC ,registered and licensed by the British Council and the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture to offer English Language Courses and being an innovative English Language school ,is responding to the increasing demands of young students who want their language learning to be accompanied by fun and the opportunity to learn new skills
and as Andrew goes on : “In addition to continued exposure to language study, their actual travel experience itself is having a truly profound impact on these young learners”
Plato Institute hosts a junior camp programme in Limassol for 13-to-17 year olds in 2018 where learners can enjoy a first-class English course blended with rich activities under the supervision of our trained staff.
For 2018 we upgraded our accommodation adding a new *** hotel to our list apart from Plato Residence and Boumbouki Cottage

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