Colloquial English: the essential idioms to speak English like a native

Idioms are colloquial expressions in English, which although often do not mean exactly what they seem and their understanding is a bit complicated for foreign students, they are very common in the colloquial English language. Knowing them guarantees an increase in the richness and depth of the vocabulary and is the essential step to pass from a basic English level to a more advanced one. There are many but in this post we will show you what for us are the essential languages ​​to speak English like a native.

Colloquial expressions are common in any language, can you imagine a Spaniard talking to a friend without saying a phrase? “It has been a piece of cake” or “Better a bird in the hand than a hundred flying”; because in English it is exactly the same, there is an idiom for each situation and knowing some of them facilitates fluent communication and understanding of real English, which is spoken by the natives.

10 idioms to expand your English vocabulary

We could be expanding this list continuously, but so that you do not get overwhelmed with so much new knowledge, we will highlight 10 idioms with a clear equivalence in Spanish to help you express some common ideas and feel comfortable if you are starting in English. Of course, there are many more and if you know someone curious do not hesitate to share it with us in comments.

1. Ball is in your court
Meaning: It is up to oneself to make the decision about a specific issue
2.Do not judge a book by its cover
Meaning: Do not judge something or someone by their appearance
3.Don’t put all your eggs in the basket
Meaning: play everything, without taking into account the risk
4.To miss the boat
Meaning: Missing an opportunity
5.Give the benefit of the doubt
Meaning: Trust a person, give him a chance
6.A penny for your thoughts
Meaning: A way to ask someone about what they are thinking
7.A chip off the old block
Meaning: Great similarity between 2 people of the same family
9.A pig with lipstick is still a pig
Meaning: Is translation needed?
10.Cost an arm and a leg
Meaning: To be very expensive