Quickly advance in the chosen language, either to start in your study or to prepare an official exam.

Intensives, normally, serve to achieve a short-term objective. So, it is a way to achieve personal satisfaction by meeting a specific goal.
They concentrate a short period of time a large number of classes, specifying the most suitable content for the student, leaving aside the most superfluous aspects and focusing on the most important for the purpose marked, in classes perfectly organized and structured to squeeze as much as possible. the four linguistic skills, that is, oral and written comprehension and expression.

  • Do an intensive course to improve and consolidate all the contents and concepts learned during the general course.
  • Choose an intensive one if I had little time to study something I like.
  • To recycle. That is, to remember concepts and incorporate new ones.
  • Through an intensive you have the opportunity to get to the point you want and start a new season at the level that suits the appropriate language to get where you want.
  • Take advantage of free time and / or holidays to learn and enjoy something that I like and that will allow me to have ample work opportunities.
  • It is about assuming notions, revising concepts, acquiring vocabulary or specifying and directing the steps towards the goal marked.