VACATION /HOLIDAY and English Learning

While vacation for the majority of Europeans is a word that conjures up images of adventure, relaxation and leisure, for the growing majority of those seeking English Summer programmes and English language courses in Cyprus means a unique opportunity to get out and enjoy sports like water sports ,swimming, dancing, sailing, canoeing  and generally exploring new places and having a nice time while learning English on the island of Venus: Cyprus.

Especially for students, teens and juniors not tied down by constrains of a short and necessary break from school or work, the summertime can be a season to get out and take part in one of the thousands of social ,environmental and leisure projects and activities.

It’s great to be able to spend a couple of weeks in a beautiful place like Cyprus and enjoy a high quality English course in a friendly learning environment at Plato Institute  .

It is equally great to be able to combine learning with leisure and enjoy a rich activity programme blended with cultural visits and excursions.

No matter how old you are Plato has a special English  programme for you  starting from  ages 3-4 and 5-6 ( SUPERMINDS

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