Creative Writing

Language is the medium through which existence is transacted; it brings to life our central experiences, our social and ethical concepts such as freedom and truth, and, most importantly, our individuality and self. Very often a desire to write is a desire to live more honestly through language; but the desire is not always enough to translate itself into the written form.

The Creative Writing workshops for adults at Plato Educational Services are there to aid the aspiring writer to discover the creative spark and methodology that ought to be embedded at the core of creative writing culture. What the student will get out of the writing workshop is professional guidance on how to materialise their own experiences, how to construct fictional worlds and how to use (or even challenge) a system of rules that govern narrative construction.

Through these Creative Writing workshops, the aspiring writer (or simply, the word/literature lover) will be guided, rather than taught, towards the development of an original narrative voice and style.

Creative Writing workshops for adults at Plato Educational Services  are in both english and greek. They take place at the Institute’s premises in Limassol, Cyprus and at other venues (depending on the focus of each meeting). The course is offered in two levels: Level 1 which is for beginners and amateurs, and Level 2 which is intended for more experienced writers. Special courses for artists of other mediums (eg. Creative Writing for visual and other artists) are also offered, as well as Creative Writing for children. One to one sessions and distance learning services are also available.

The tutor, Ms Maria A. Ioannou, is a renowned/awarded writer of three books of fiction, published in Greece, with over 1o years of experience in creative writing workshops. She is the holder of an MA postgraduate degree in 20th Century Literature from King’s College London, and a BA degree in English Literature (1st Class Honours) from the University of Reading. She is also a PhD in Creative Writing student at the University of Winchester. Maria A. Ioannou has also acquired the Emerging Writer Literature Award by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus for her short story collection “The gigantic fall of an eyelash”, while her latest book – “Cauldron” – has already been translated into two languages. Maria A. Ioannou is also the founder of SARDAM alternative literature festival ( More info about the tutor, here:


  • Poetry
  • Short Story / Flash Fiction
  • Novel
  • Experimental Writing
  • Hybrid genres
  • Fairytale
  • Objects and short fiction