Plato offers a selection of English language courses to accommodate the wants and trends of the population of a cosmopolitan city like Limassol. English language lessons provide countless benefits.

Teaching English to school aged children is a much different task than teaching English to adults as a second language and the two must be viewed separately and never combined. At Plato Educational Services we have specialised teachers who understand the needs and wants of the adult student and have thus put together a course that will fulfil them. The methods and techniques used in teaching each group take into consideration the group requirements and thus adopt a more personalised approach to teaching. No matter what the tactics, the objective stays the same; learning English as a second language opens many doors to people and provides them with a variety of options they might have otherwise gone without.

GENERAL ENGLISH – Plato offers general English language lessons to adults who want to learn English for no particular purpose, but just out of interest for the language and/or to strengthen prior knowledge. In these cases the methodology in teaching plays a key role in learning.

Plato offers an exciting combination of technology and educational material to meet the needs of a dynamic classroom. The course utilises video, music, the internet, as well as traditional audio aids, in order to achieve a successful learning experience. An emphasis on communication is evident in every adult course offered by Plato.

The General English course is available on a group level as well as on a one to one basis on demand.

BUSINESS ENGLISH – In a business driven society with multinational companies relocating in Cyprus, the need for the use of the English language to carry out business is growing. It is now not enough to have a knowledge of English but it is absolutely essential to communicate effectively in English.

The Business English course at Plato Educational Services enables students to make the necessary adjustments to speak English comprehensibly and fluently. It is designed for adults who have a prior knowledge of the English language and want to build on their conversation skills. At the end of the course, with enough conversation practice, our students are able to engage in conversations with native speakers, and can express more complicated ideas and concepts in English.

The Business English course is offered on a group level, a one to one basis, as well as through in-company and in-house training.

ENGLISH FOR THE WORKFORCE: – Plato offers especially designed English courses for:

  • Secretaries
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Hotel Staff
  • Waiters
  • Developers
  • Architects
  • Sales Assistants
  • Oil And Gas Experts

Each group takes into consideration the needs and trends of the industry and is built around that. The aim is to prepare these groups of students to engage in fluent conversations and communicate coherently through the English language both in oral and written form.

ENGLISH FOR SPECIAL PURPOSES (ESP) – No matter what your reasons are for wanting to learn English, whether for business, education or solely for personal reasons, contact Plato Educational Services and we will devise a course based on your needs.