Greek is the official language of Cyprus and is thus an essential tool of communication for anyone living in Limassol, Cyprus. It is also one of the most ancient European languages, which is spoken by 20 million people worldwide.

The Greek Department at Plato Educational Services takes pride in having designed Greek courses to meet the needs of those seeking to learn or enrich their Greek Language skills. The lessons are flexible and each class is specifically crafted following thorough needs analysis and level testing with each group/individual.   All courses are offered on a group level, a one to one basis, as well as through in-company and in-house training.

GENERAL GREEK – Greek is the official language of Cyprus and Greece. Life can become much easier for anyone living in Cyprus when they have at least some knowledge of the Greek language.

The General Greek course at Plato Educational Services focuses on teaching the language that is relevant to each individual’s personal goals. The emphasis is on ensuring the development of communicative skills in the target time frame.

Teaching consists of integrating dialogue, basic vocabulary, grammar and useful phrases. Each of these components is accompanied by a variety of exercises for developing language skills. Technology is used to accommodate audio and video files with native speakers and translation into English.

BUSINESS GREEK – These classes are ideal for professionals who are relocating or who have business commitments abroad. A business Greek coursenables individuals to focus on their specific remit for learning business Greek.  The course includes the teaching of an array of business tools in Greek, ranging from giving presentations and conducting sales negotiations to simply being able to handle oneself in social situations in an international business environment.

GREEK FOR THE WORKFORCE: – Plato Educational Services offers personally designed Greek language courses for:




Hotel Staff



Each group takes into consideration the needs and trends of the industry and is built around that. The aim is to prepare these groups of adults to engage in fluent conversations and communicate coherently through the modren Greek language both in oral and written form.

GREEK FOR SPECIAL PURPOSES (ESP) – No matter what your reasons are for wanting to learn Greek, whether for business, education or solely for personal reasons, contact Plato Educational Services and we will devise a course based on your needs.