“MOB GAE” project

Main Focus: MOBility as a source of personal and professional Growth, Autonomy and Employability

18 partners from all around the world

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The duration of the project will be 24 months (2014-2015)

“INTEGREEN” project 

Main Focus: VET training, green skills, tourism sector

Partners from Cyprus, Bulgaria, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK

Green skills have to be improved in the entire work force, in order to build a resource-efficient and competitive economy, and to reinforce the competitive advantage of business, in particular SMEs. VET training can be the shortest way for people in need of re-qualification and re-training to acquire the skills needed by the labour market and to be reintegrated in the workforce.

In this respect, the project intends to study the service sector’s professions and those professions that, due to their ubordinate/administrative/commercial positions, do not have a direct link with environmental protection, but still need to be informed and have knowledge on topics such as waste management, energy saving, and sustainable actions in daily work to better suit the needs of the professionals they support, work for or work with.

The partners will provide a common and shared solution to the sector’s needs in termS of content, information needed by the learners and a list of competences the teachers need to develop to better prepare VET students to meet the challenge set by the new economic asset and green economy requirements.

By doing so, the project will also provide a list of professions and training that can be updated and which can incorporate a ‘green alternative’ in the training process.