The use of the Russian language in Limassol, Cyprus has multiplied during the last decade or so. Russian speaking businesses and companies along with the Russian speaking tourism sector have expanded all over the island, making the Russian language a must for the future.

GENERAL RUSSIAN – The General Russian course is intended for adult beginners who have no prior knowledge of the Russian language, but have a strong interest in learning the language. The framework of the course consists of teaching Russian as a language through traditional methods such as the Russian Alphabet, pronunciation, vocabulary, reading, etc. However, it goes beyond that and integrates some teaching about the Russian culture and customs in order to familiarize the student with the whole Russian philosophy.

The course utilises technology to incorporate sound and vision to the student’s learning experience. The General Russian course is offered on a group level, a one to one basis, as well as through in-company and in-house training.

BUSINESS RUSSIAN – Plato has put together a course for those who want to learn Russian Business vocabulary and cultural/nonverbal aspects of Russian Business communication in order to have successful business relations with Russian partners.

A good business Russian course encompasses a wide range of activities to develop basic language skills like reading, speaking, listening, and writing, combined with exercises to enrich one’s business Russian vocabulary — from general terms to words specific to one’s field of work. The business Russian course at Plato Educational Services has taken all those into consideration and is thus an excellent tool for basic business communication.

The business Russian course is offered on a group level, a one to one basis, as well as through in-company and in-house training.

RUSSIAN FOR THE WORKFORCE: – Plato offers personally designed Russian courses for:




Hotel Staff




Sales Assistants

Oil And Gas Experts

Each group takes into consideration the needs and trends of the industry and is built around that. The aim is to prepare these groups of adults to engage in fluent conversations and communicate coherently through the Russian language both in oral and written form.

RUSSIAN FOR SPECIAL PURPOSES (ESP) – No matter what your reasons are for wanting to learn Russian, whether for business, education or solely for personal reasons, contact Plato Educational Services and we will devise a course based on your needs.