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Superminds - Plato Educational Services in Limassol, Cyprus
Superminds Kids - Plato Educational Services in Limassol, Cyprus
Superminds for Kids - Plato Educational Services in Limassol, Cyprus

Superminds is an innovative, research-based, dynamic educational programme which teaches English, as well as skills and values to children ages 3-4 and 5-6.
Superminds uses the latest technology in English Learning, blending the traditional way of teaching with more innovative and interactive approaches, through the use of books, interactive whiteboards, CDs and DVDs, IPads, Muppets, cubes and simulations, Talking Pens, Blocks, Lego, Literature/Creative Writing and Theatre.

What is Superminds?

SUPERMINDS is an innovative method for teaching ESL (English as a Second Language)  and introducing children to Language Acquisition where :

Letters, (phonics) form WORDS;
Words, form SENTENCES;
Sentences, form PARAGRAPHS  and
Paragraphs form TEXTS.

Based on the well-known premise that children learn by doing, SUPERMINDS provides unlimited hands-on interaction for children between the ages of 3-5 and 6-8.

How it works:

In Groups: Children work together in groups  sitting at a table with the SUPERMINDS Panel (Blocks and Bricks) connected to a Language Lab. Responding to stimuli and questions presented on the  computer screen, students place the Blocks/Bricks on the SUPERMINDS touch-sensitive panel. Exciting pictures, music, animation and games stimulate cooperative interaction and make learning a concrete social experience  under the supervision of experienced and trained teachers/instructors.

Individually: Children work individually under the supervision  and guidance of the teacher following  carefully  prepared syllabi and lesson plans.

Children work with  IPads, Blocks, Talking Pens and video recorders, LEGO, Bricks, Board Games and Puzzles to reinforce and accommodate the structures, lexis, values, skills and mood learned during the lesson.

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