How to raise bilingual kids

The many cognitive, academic and social benefits of learning foreign languages ​​have encouraged parents around the world to raise bilingual children. To take advantage of this unique stage in life, parents interested in bilingualism have to make a conscious effort to help their children learn. Here we describe five methods for raising bilingual children. One

Adult Learning and Education

Adults, unlike children, return to school when changes in their way of life require it. A promotion, the need to have a better salary, change of work, and even update your knowledge; These are the things that make adults go back to school. The key ingredients to succeed in adult education is skill, prior knowledge

Creative Writing

Plato is one of the pioneers in offering creative writing classes in Limassol, Cyprus. This creative writing course for children and teenagers invites aspiring writers, as well as any pupil with a strong interest in creative reading and writing, to acquire skills and develop strategies in order to ignite and sustain the writing impulse. It

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