Plato is one of the pioneers in offering creative writing classes in Limassol, Cyprus. This creative writing course for children and teenagers invites aspiring writers, as well as any pupil with a strong interest in creative reading and writing, to acquire skills and develop strategies in order to ignite and sustain the writing impulse. It is designed to help students of all ages unbundle their thoughts, decode their experiences and organise them in a written form.

The tutor, Phd(st) in Creative Writing Winchester University UK, and TEFL UK – Mrs Maria A. Ioannou is a renowned writer and author of ‘The Gigantic Fall of an Eyelash’ and other stories* (Gavrielides Publishing, Athens, 2011). She is the holder of a MA postgraduate degree in 20th Century Literature from King’s College London, and a BA degree in English Literature (1st Class) from the University of Reading. She has also acquired the Emerging Writer Literature Award by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus.

The creative writing workshop is offered both in English and Greek to children and teenagers. It gives young readers/writers the skills necessary to turn their love of the written word into a practical experience. It introduces the key characteristics of creative writing, and students are supported with stage-by-stage guidance as they assimilate and put into practice a range of critical and creative methods.

Tutor feedback is given on the course assignments and participants are encouraged to discuss and analyze each other’s writing, and are given guidance on offering constructive and useful criticism.

Creative writing classes, additionally, play a significant role in culturing the art of essay writing in students taking language courses at school and are therefore very beneficial for students taking the Pancyprian Exams.