“English in  Cyprus”

Limassol (Lemessos) ,the largest city of the island, lies between two ancient city kingdoms: Amathous on the east and Kourion on the west .Developed after the destruction of Amathous  by Richard the Lionheart in 1191,Limassol is an emerging English Learning destination for overseas  students seeking quality Summer English programmes blended with rich sea and sport  activities two of the many  services  Plato Institute offers  to their students during their Summer vacation .

Many important antiquities ,Byzantine and Frankish monuments are found in the city of Limassol .Antiquities and monuments which Plato Institute  includes in their English Summer Activity  Programme.

The city is also known for its lively Carnival celebrations, the annual Wine Festival and the spontaneous hospitality of its inhabitants. The vibrant  night life in Limassol combined with safety is one of the big assets  of our  English Language  Summer Courses offered by Plato Institute. English Language Travel Agents   will find what they are looking for to send  their students to Plato Institute:

  1. High quality English Courses at very competitive prices

b .Experienced and qualified native teachers

  1. First class Educational Material and syllabi
  2. Friendly learning environment
  3. Fully equipped classrooms with free wifi and air-condition.
  4. Educational Technology
  5. Rich activity programme .
  6. Comfortable ,clean and safe accommodation both at Plato Residence and at a hotel.
  7. All levels from complete beginners ages 3-4 and 5-6 (www.supermind-kids.com) to A1-A2,B1-B2,C1-C2,FCE,IELTS, IGCSE,TOEFL,TOEIC,TESOL/TEFL.
  8. 5 FREE On line lessons per week at Plato Language Lab
  9. Tailored made  and customised English Learning Programmes.

Plato Institute English Summer Courses in Cyprus: Good Value for Money!