Mobility Programmes

PLATO as a European project coordinator

EVOLVE – (2014-2015)

Evolve is an exciting new opportunity for Cypriots wishing to travel abroad and  improve their employability, offering you the chance to attend a 2 week Italian language course (January 2015), followed by an 8 week placement in Florence, Italy (February-March 2015).

The programme is designed for young unemployed graduates in the fields of architecture, graphic design, and tourism who feel that they could benefit professionally and personally from international experience.

In today’s job market, the need for cross-cultural experience and competences in interpersonal and communicative skills is more than ever. Employers are looking for graduates who have achieved something different and have a unique set of learning abilities behind them. Internships are a way of gaining insider know-how of the work place of your chosen field, while being trained in a level of essential proficiency which is appealing to future employers.

However, the EVOLVE project is not limited to professional development, but will also give you the chance to explore a new culture and city, make new friends and networks, and boost your confidence as an individual.

Mobility programmes in Europe encourage a sense of ‘European unity’ which we all contribute to, and have a wider impact on the social cohesion of the continent. Through embarking on programmes such as EVOLVE, you can be involved in the building and maintenance of a European framework made up of organisations, individuals, and governments.

PLATO as a European project partner (2010 – today)

Our services, as far as the Leonardo Mobility projects are concerned, include:

·        Finding organisations / enterprises for work placements that cover the needs of the participants
·        Preparing a comprehensive training programme for the period of stay
·        Organising accommodation in comfortable hotels / apartments
·        Organising transportation
·        Organising training seminars in relation to Cyprus culture
·        Organising specialised training seminars for each field of education, as well as intensive foreign language lessons
(i.e. English or Greek language)
·        Organising cultural and social visits, as well as excursions
·        Providing certificates of participation
·        Providing Europass Mobility documents
·        Providing 24 / 7 emergency support.

We organize work placements and training in the following fields:

·        Tourism and Hotel Industry
·        Shipping and Logistics
·        Education
·        Architecture
·        Advertising and Marketing
·        Journalism and Reporting
·        Administration
·        IT
·        Health & Fitness
·        Agriculture
·        Law
·        Medicine
·        Accounting and Finance
·        Manufacturing
·        Constructions
·        Cooking and Confectionery
·        Arts and Cultural Heritage and other kinds of business

So far, we have completed several European mobility projects with partners from Greece, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Portugal and the UK.