Plato Educational Services based in Limassol, Cyprus offers an array of language courses to suit the needs of the student population in Limassol.

Courses offered include:

GREEK – Lessons for foreigners living in Cyprus or abroad, wishing to learn or strengthen their Greek Language skills.

Courses offered include: Greek for levels A1, A2,B1,B2,C1,C2.

RUSSIAN – The use of the Russian language in Limassol, Cyprus has multiplied during the last decade or so. Russian speaking businesses and companies along with the Russian speaking tourism sector have expanded all over the island, making the Russian language a must for the future.

Plato offers Russian language courses at all levels to suit the needs of every aspiring student in Limassol. The course not only includes learning Russian grammar, new vocabulary, practice in speaking and reading Russian, but also accommodates learning facts about the Russian culture and Russian people.

CHINESE – Along with the spread of Russian businesses, the growth of Chinese companies signals the latest trend in the Cypriot marketplace.

As with all foreign languages, Chinese is a language which should be mastered from a young age. This is the approach that is followed by Plato. The Mandarin language is the most widely spoken language among the Chinese languages and is therefore the best language to learn.

FRENCH – After English, French is traditionally another foreign language taught in Cyprus. French is taught in schools, however it is often offered on an insufficient basis.

Plato offers a thorough and complete course of French to students at all levels from the Beginners’ course to the GCE ‘A’ level Certification.

ITALIAN – A Mediterranean language which is very useful along the Mediterranean region. Italian is another language course offered at Plato.

SPANISH – Together with English and French, Spanish makes up a third of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Spanish is spoken in all 4 corners of the earth and is a must for any multilingual person. Plato offers Spanish language lessons at all levels.