“For many of us ,every classroom we have ever known has 4 walls, rows of desks, a large writing board and a teacher in front of it.

Something like factories ,which produced workers for an industrialized economy. But, should the students be processed through the school system like chicken nuggets on an assembly line?”

We at Plato Institutes in Limassol Cyprus do not believe so. When it comes to our English Summer courses we take the classroom outside and adopt and improvise! Kids love it.

“Twist and shout if you can .One way that schools are letting pupils down is by boring them” A research carried out by the National Training Laboratories in US found out that students can only remember 5% of information taught to them through lecturing .Sitting still and passively receiving instruction is the traditional way pupils are educated ,and yet studies of the brain show that learning is optimised when accompanied by movement :Learning by Doing, TPR (Total Physical Response) and acting. Actually, this philosophy is behind all our Supermind English Learning classes ( www.supermind-kids.com) .
Plato and Socrates had the right idea when they conducted classes by walking and talking with their students in the orchard surrounding the Academy in Athens. Sophocles went one better than his ancient philosopher combrade. He believed in hands-on learning .

“ One must learn by doing the thing ,for though you think you know it, you have no certainty until you try” This means that instead of reading about fruit in a book ,we visit a fruit market and through simulations we actually Learn by Doing. We at Plato feel proud about our innovative English Learning

Programmes for kids, teens and adults.

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