There are five skills recognised as being necessary in learning English :

Listening , Speaking , Writing , Reading and Thinking
English teachers should integrate all five skills into their classes; however, the emphasis at all levels should be placed on Listening and Speaking since this is the opportunity for students to practise English in an English-speaking environment and Cyprus is an ideal English-learning environment for those seeking a quality English Summer Course in an ELSAC accredited English Language Institute in Cyprus.
Plato Institute is accredited by ELSAC and authorized by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture to offer educational programmes and courses.
At the beginner level, the focus should be on these two skills; however, some minimal writing and reading should also be introduced.
The Learning Environment: A general Approach
a. Choose the goals you think appropriate to your group of students
b. Give learners an opportunity to talk but never force production
c. Build learner confidence, by arranging the activities so students can succeed.
d. The order of presentation of topics is not important; do what is most relevant or interesting for the learner first.
e. Language Learning is messy. It does not occur as a series of ordered steps moving from the simple to the more complex. In classroom activities, focus at all times on content: encourage the learners to express themselves in any way possible. Do not correct speech errors in acquisition activities (unless the student asks for the correct form)
Learning English at an ELSAC accredited English language school in Cyprus is recommended to those looking for a quality English Learning programme combined with activities and accommodation.

So if are considering learning English in Cyprus, you have come to the right place!

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