“The age of online learning

is well on the way and has tripled since 2014.This growth curve has been helped along by the fact that some of the world’s leading universities are rapidly expanding their on line offerings.
The increasing participation of these elite education brands ,global adoption of mobile technologies, improving tools and practices for on line learning have a profound impact on how both students and parents look at the virtual classroom.
Like everything else in their demand, always- connected lives ,students now expect to be able to access educational programmes where, when, and how they want them. In a recent global survey 60% of responding parents said they would consider on line programmes if they offered substantial savings over traditional campus-based options. For some providers ,the answer lies in creating on line language courses, especially English Language courses, that are closely linked to traditional face-to-face programmes”
(ICF Insights)
“We generally see a big gap between when a student applies and when they arrive to begin their English Summer course at Plato Institute “ Says Antonis the director of Plato Educational Services in Limassol Cyprus .
So what we see here is that on line English learning is a way for students to start studying earlier ,in their home countries, and at a lower cost
We at Plato Institute ( English in Cyprus) have already started upgrading and enhancing our English Summer programmes and courses by offering our overseas students who come to us to enjoy a first-class English Summer programme, a complimentary pre-arrival on line Diagnostic English course to replace traditional Placement Tests .

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